Welcome to Silent Retreat

A week of rest where your mind can switch off and enjoy Yoga, Chi Kung, Meditation and TRANSFORMATION


Join us at Silent Retreat for a truly spiritual experience and 4 days of mental and physical detox.

It’s a fast paced stress filled world so sometimes we need to recharge properly. Our Silent Retreat will bring you back into the moment and help you tune out accumulated ‘overwhelm.’

Most of the daily concerns and future worries that occupy our headspace are about things that will never happen! This however creates an underlying anxiety that persists in the background making it difficult to fully relax. So here we will learn to let go deeply. ‘Melting’ into the everpresent silence will help you see how unimportant many things we think we ‘need’ to do or ‘need’ to think about really are. When you can jump off the hamster wheel life flows more easily and everything becomes more efficient. Along with the healing power of silence we will also introduce other techniques to mentally detox and reconnect us with our inner peace and spirituality:

Yoga in the morning will help loosen the body and relax the mind, Chi Kung will clear and recharge our energy and Meditation and other invitations into the moment and deeper awareness will help us reconnect and refresh our spirit. So ‘now’ is the time to give yourself a proper break…